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Will the X-Rays at an airport check-in affect your products?
No. The quick and low-dosage radiation amount from the airport X-ray machine will not affect the ingredients in Pana C-315®

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Can I mix Pana C-315® in a smoothie?
Pana C-315® is specially formulated for maximum results to be taken by itself, then followed with at least 8-ounces of filtered water. Pana C-315® can be mixed within a protein drink, a smoothie, fruit juice, vegetable juice as long as there are no stimulants present (i.e. caffeine); Pana C-315® intraCELL™ V technology can amplify the effects. Take Pana C-315® at least 30 minutes before or after pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals.

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Should I take Pana C-315® every day?
Yes. Regardless if you are in good health or poor health, you should take Pana C-315® every day because your body needs supplementation.

We work, play, eat, and sleep in toxic environments. Indoor and outdoor air pollution, depleted minerals in our food supply, multiple harmful additives in our food and water, prescription and nonprescription drugs, emotional situations, and sleep deprivation are stresses that are applied to us throughout our lives.

The body's basic chemical requirements to combat these stresses are not being met. With the best of diets and nutrition, we still experience low energy and a weak immune system. Even our very best food sources are depleted of essential nutrients.

Your body is not receiving the proper "chemical fuel" for it to run at maximum efficiency as it was designed. Pana C-315 provides that all-in-one supplemental fuel. Taken daily, energy increases and the immune system is supported so you can naturally combat daily stresses.

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Should I take Calcium-Magnesium along with Pana C-315®?
No. "Doubling up" your supplements is not wise for your health or your finances.

You are probably taking the wrong kind(s) of calcium which may build up over time in the blood stream, end up in the brain, and create dangerous health issues.

You need the right kind of calcium to go into your bone marrow, where red blood cells are birthed, so that the right kind of calcium can do what it was created to do. If you are getting the wrong kind of calcium, it will eventually force the potassium from your system, leaving behind its byproduct of glutamate, a precursor for some serious health issues.

For your body to function to its maximum you need calcium citrate, calcium succinate, and calcium ascorbate. All three are in our Pana C-315® product at the elemental level which is very unique. And, as with all of Pana C-315's® 315+ ingredients, they are organically bound with living carbon via our intraCELL Vtm technology to insure that you achieve maximum absorption. Products that are chelated, colloidal, or ionic may only provide up to 30% absorption regardless of the company's marketing claims. With Pana C-315's® microcomplexed technology you will get near perfect absorption.

People who take a liquid calcium-magnesium product are used to seeing that product as having a slightly thick milky consistency. When they pour their dosage of Pana C-315® they wonder where the calcium, magnesium, and all the other 315+ ingredients are. Pana C-315 technology takes 40-days to process the ingredients down to the angstrom size the body needs to properly absorb each ingredient.

There is a lot of debate regarding magnesium's ratio to calcium. More important than ratio, though, is the need for the correct kind of magnesium: magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, and magnesium taurinate. All three types of magnesium are in our Pana C-315® product at the elemental level in the appropriate ratios.

There is no need to take any extra minerals, vitamins, herbs, digestive enzymes, probiotics, or antioxidants when you take Pana C-315® because everything you need is included at the proper ratios. If you "double up" by using other products with Pana C-315® you may be wasting time, money, and possibly your health.

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Will the plastic from the bottle leach into the product?
No. Every one of our "plastic" high density bottles is specially coated before being filled. The internal coating does not affect the product in any way. The internal coating of the bottle is absolute insurance that the product you consume is pure.

It needs to be noted that many glass bottles manufactured today utilize manufacturing processes that use harmful chemicals. Therefore, we recommend our high density plastic bottles with our specially coated interior barrier.

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Can I mix it with water, juice, or foods?
Pana C-315® is a pure carbon-bond organic supplement. The carbon in the product will attach to all other foreign material from sugars to caffeine. Once attached, the technology of the product is designed to breakdown the other material making it smaller for quicker absorption, enhancing the intake by 3-5 times. For example, if you drink 1 cup of coffee and soon after take Pana C-315®; it will be like drinking 3 - 5 cups of coffee.

Also, if you eat or drink anything containing other nutrients, whether good or bad, the Pana C-315® technology will attach and increase the intake amount and absorption of the nutrients.

Please be aware that if you drink tap water right after you take your Pana C-315® you may have a chlorine reaction that could cause a red rash on your skin. It will pass usually within an hour with no harm done. You need to either put a water filter on your kitchen faucet or purchase bottled water. Be aware that some bottled waters do contain chlorine.

For best results, we recommend that you do not eat or drink anything for at least 30-minutes before and after taking Pana C-315®, except for filtered water.

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